Friday, June 02, 2006

Current Status

It has been a rather busy two weeks since I've posted a big batch of splogs but to my surprise Google has done very little with them. It appears most of them have gone untouched. Only thing Google has done is they selectively blocked AdSense ads from showing up on the splogs I've posted but spammer's AdSense account remains active. The AdSense ads on splogs in blogspot.com is no longer showing but it continues to show ads everywhere else.

Although I can't go into the details but lets just say that I've accidentally discovered Google's new method of deterring splogs. Initially I thought this was a very good thing but the more I thought about it I find the measure to be too late and mostly ineffective. I had a suspicion that Google has quietly implemented some sort of bulk splog deletion measures few weeks ago but I couldn't quite put my finger on how it worked because it was somewhat of a hit and miss. The one problem I see is they have set the threshhold for this bulk splog deletion to kick in at very high splog numbers. Also this deterrent depends on a false assumptions about how spammers create these splogs. I know for fact some bulk splog creation tool already has countermeasures in place for months now and this explains why Google's new bulk splog deletion routine has been somewhat ineffective. Also it doesn't do anything for more than a million splogs that already exist in Blogger already. Anyway, I suppose it's still better than nothing so that's why I've chosen not to discuss the details.

It appears I've hit the maximum numbers of files allowed in my Google Pages account which is 100. I will have to come up with some other way to make my splog list available to public. Anyone have any ideas?

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