Tuesday, May 15, 2007

575,273 Splogs

It looks like Google is finally doing something about the current splog problem. They are indeed deleting and blocking splogs by large numbers. One significant change I've noticed as of late is that they are detecting splogs as they are being created and blocking them which is very good news. Hopefully this deters spammers from creating splogs since now they are wasting their time.

Splog List - 2007 / 05 / 15 - 20070515.tar.gz

Last month's infamous #704's quarter million splogs are mostly history. It turns out #702 is actually the same spammer as #704. I've seen splogs from #704 change it's AdSense account id to #702's account id. He still has about twenty thousand splogs remaining. I hope Google will stamp out rest of his splogs soon.

Two spammers top the list this time around. #753 and #752 top the list at 136,583 and 64,476 splogs respectively. Even though #752 has a smaller number he is one I'm keeping my eyes on because he is more active spammer right now. I see that Google is deleting many of his splogs but this spammer is creating lot more daily.

I will still be focused on AdSense spammers for at least one more cycle. There are still quite a few out there and I'm going to try to track them down.

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