Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Current Status

It's been a while since I posted anything and that's because I haven't had much to report. Google has effectively stopped deleting splogs I report. Although what that means is to going back to targetting AdSense account of spammers even though that's not entirely correct. I haven't been reporting any of results but I've been targetting AdSense accounts all along. I've had handfull of successes during the past two months.

Splog landscape has changed quite a bit since this blog began. I would say that now there are quite a number of splogs that doesn't depend on AdSense at all. For example all the porn and gambling related splogs are not tied to AdSense. The new trend I've also observed is where splogs are being promoted with an email spam. I've gotten couple email spams that point to blogspot.com subdomain.

The number of splog dropped quite a bit immediately after Blogger's implementation of captcha on spammy blogs. The Blogger's captcha does work to thwart certain blog spammers but not all. The reason is the spammers are no longer interested in creating splogs and maintaining them. They are simply going to create splogs and dumping them. Essentially they are creating disposable one time use splogs. It really doesn't matter if Blogger identifies them to be splog. Spammers have already moved onto to create more splogs. Anyway since the sharp drop in splogs, the numbers are starting to creep back up since Google isn't deleting splogs. This recent lack of action by Google encourages spammers and now it appears they are making a comeback.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

1647 Splogs Deleted

After four days of zero splogs deleted by Google, they've resumed deleting splogs. I've actually reported about twice the number of splogs but apparently this is the best Google can do today. We'll see what happens tommorow.

1519 Splogs Deleted

This is yet another belated report of splogs deleted on last Wednesday. This ends the week's total splog deletion count at 3294 which is quite dismal compared to weeks prior. It appears Google has slowed down their rate of splog deletion as of last Wednesday. No deleted splogs for Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

657 Splogs Deleted

This is a belated reporting of splogs deleted for this Tuesday. The number is low because I've been trying out a different tactic.