Monday, April 17, 2006

AdSense Spammer #25

My apologies to monty python...

Splog Splog Splog Splog. Lovely Splog! Wonderful Splog!

pub-8596988294417120.txt - 1144 splogs

AdSense Spammer #24

Here is another AdSense spammer but this one is especially lazy. This guy didn't even bother to even cut and paste some bogus nonsensical text. Check out these beauties with absolutely no content other than the title of a blog. I'm surprised AdSense even attempts to show relavent ads on these splogs. How can there be a contextual ad if there is no content to speak of? He created 1354 splogs more or less like these:


pub-0143941736540165.txt - 1354 splogs

AdSense Spammer #23

More of the same here. This AdSense spammer created 1679 splogs all with blocks of cut and paste identical text.

pub-6870137005814159.txt - 1679 splogs

AdSense Spammer #22

There is nothing all that special about this AdSense spammer. He created 2097 splogs.

pub-9404959882883870.txt - 2097 splogs

AdSense Spammer #21

This AdSense spammer created 2241 splogs. It's pretty self explanatory.

pub-8117842711976668.txt - 2241 splogs

AdSense Spammer #20

I've been quite busy lately with reorganizing my database to be more flexible and that's been taking up most of my time for the past week. I've somehow managed to resurrect most of my dead brain cells that contained all stale knowledge from Oracle days and I will be using them to have some fun with MySQL. Anyway I see that I have about a dozen or so new AdSense spammers queued up and ready to go. Here is a spammer who created 2600 splogs like this. One would think creating 2600 pages with a block of cut and paste text with AdSense ad would be a violation of AdSense policy but with Google spotty policy enforcement you never know what will happen. Anyway we'll see.

I've also decided to post full list from now on. No more of this first 1000 of bizillion splogs because I don't have the time nor the energy to keep track. I am also going through all past nineteen AdSense spammers to see what really happened to their AdSense accounts.

pub-2734375191857072.txt - 2600 splogs

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Current Status

It appears Google has decided to delete some splogs I've posted here. Although that itself isn't a bad thing, they are still very hesitant to do anything about the AdSense account of the spammers who created these splogs. I simply disagree with the method of how Google is addressing the problem. They are essentially driving over a weed with a lawn mower rather than pulling them by the roots. Spammers will simply recreate the deleted splogs and the cycle repeats.

So far I have accumulated more than 2.1 million blogs in my archive database. I have identified about 960 thousand blogs as splogs. The actual number of splogs are in fact much higher since I'm currently using a very conservative method to identify splogs. That means at least half of all new blogs created in the last five month are splogs. Of the 2.1 million blogs about 180 thousand blogs have AdSense ads on them. Of the 180 thousand blogs with AdSense ads, 41 thousands of them are splogs which is about 23%. That means about one out of four AdSense ads on blogspot blogs there to fund spammers. This percentage has jumped from 16% to 23% just in the last month. A month before that, the numbers were in the low tens.

UPDATE (4/10/2006 2:22pm) - It appears Google is indeed deleting splogs. I'm going to start publishing large groups of splogs and see if Google will delete them in bulk or at least mark them as splogs.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

AdSense Spammer #19

This AdSense spammer created 1535 splogs.

pub-7170046219513510_1000.txt - first 1000 of 1535 splogs

AdSense Spammer #18

Here is another AdSense spammer with 2947 splogs. It appears these AdSense funded spammers are getting bolder. I'm thinking it has something to do with Google deciding to look the other way.

pub-1906436393104304_1000.txt - first 1000 of 2947 splogs

AdSense Spammer #17

Here is an AdSense spammer with 3166 splogs. I'm sure they are all machine generated.

pub-3307473173648919_1000.txt - first 1000 of 3166 splogs