Saturday, April 08, 2006

Current Status

It appears Google has decided to delete some splogs I've posted here. Although that itself isn't a bad thing, they are still very hesitant to do anything about the AdSense account of the spammers who created these splogs. I simply disagree with the method of how Google is addressing the problem. They are essentially driving over a weed with a lawn mower rather than pulling them by the roots. Spammers will simply recreate the deleted splogs and the cycle repeats.

So far I have accumulated more than 2.1 million blogs in my archive database. I have identified about 960 thousand blogs as splogs. The actual number of splogs are in fact much higher since I'm currently using a very conservative method to identify splogs. That means at least half of all new blogs created in the last five month are splogs. Of the 2.1 million blogs about 180 thousand blogs have AdSense ads on them. Of the 180 thousand blogs with AdSense ads, 41 thousands of them are splogs which is about 23%. That means about one out of four AdSense ads on blogspot blogs there to fund spammers. This percentage has jumped from 16% to 23% just in the last month. A month before that, the numbers were in the low tens.

UPDATE (4/10/2006 2:22pm) - It appears Google is indeed deleting splogs. I'm going to start publishing large groups of splogs and see if Google will delete them in bulk or at least mark them as splogs.

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