Wednesday, March 29, 2006

AdSense Spammer #16

This AdSense spammer does deserve to be highlighted in more harsh light due to the kind of splog he created. Check out this beauty. He created 556 of these fat splogs each with AdSense ad (pub-3796504417592445) on them. If you click on one of those links on that splog, you end up with this page. He is using a different AdSense account on those pages. That AdSense account id is pub-0018564979209276. I really would like Google to respond to this one critical question about AdSense policy. Does this spamming violate AdSense policy? If yes, which AdSense accounts? Just ones on the splog itself or the ones the links are pointing to?

I have come to a crossroad when it comes to what I can do about fighting splogs. Personally I think Google should ban both AdSense accounts but that's just me. Of course that's not for me to judge but rather it's really up to Google. But then again is it? In the end, the power behind the decision lies with the advertisers who foot the bill for the ads showing up on each and every one of the splogs as well as countless target pages. Google is no doubt profit drivin so they are more likely to say that these target pages are perfectly fine as they have in the past. I'd bet advertisers would beg to differ. I simply can't imagine that advertisers would see value in their ads showing up on made for AdSense page like this. What more can I do if Google chooses to ignore the problem? One thing left is for me to contact the advertisers directly and let them know of how they are wasting their money by putting their ads on spammer's website. I really don't want to do this because this can potentially damage Google's reputation. I am an AdSense publisher myself so if advertisers go away it impacts me as well. I suppose I'm simply thinking out loud as to what the next logical step in fighting splog is and what consequences it will bring. What's clear to me now is I am now going have to think about this decision more seriously as I'm witnessing Google more inclined to brush the splog problem under the rug. This is the main reason why I am not publishing the full splog list but rather just the first 100 splogs from this spammer. Ultimately I would very much prefer to work with Google than against Google.

pub-3796504417592445_100.txt - first 100 of 556 splogs

AdSense Spammer #15

Another day, another AdSense spammer. This spammer created 1135 splogs and his AdSense account id is pub-7684940757735466

pub-7684940757735466.txt - 1135 splogs

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

AdSense Spammer #14

Here is yet another AdSense funded spammer. Content on every one of his 1967 splogs are nothing more than cut and paste of duplicated content. His AdSense id is pub-4933590493596105.

pub-4933590493596105.txt - 1967 splogs

AdSense Spammer #13

This is your run-of-the-mill AdSense spammer. He created 2494 splogs in Blogger each with an AdSense ad unit. His AdSense account id is pub-9473818430854553.

pub-9473818430854553.txt - 2494 splogs

Thursday, March 09, 2006

AdSense Spammer #12

This particular AdSense spammer started out by creating nonsensical junk splogs with filled with links just like this but then he moved onto a redirect splogs that automatically take users to his herbal smoke shop. All 595 of his splogs either have AdSense ad directly on them or does automatic redirect to a page that has the same AdSense ad on them.

pub-9136908991487227_100.txt - First 100 of 595 splogs

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

AdSense Spammer #11

Here is yet another spammer that created 897 splogs. He created whole bunch of mess like this as well as blatent AdSense policy violation like this. The rest of the splogs he created are nothing more than cut and paste of mesothelioma articles as well as other alleged high paying AdSense keyword filled text. I guess he would calls this spamming some sort of "search engine optimization".

pub-1814255582636512_100.txt - First 100 of 897 splogs

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

AdSense Spammer #10 (Bigger Fish)

This spammer's splogs have a similar look and feel to the handy work of spammer #7 I've reported last week but he is indeed a bigger fish. He created at least 54051 splogs that have countless number of links pointing to his made for AdSense pages in 5240 domains. It's hard to get an accurate number of splogs since he has been very prolific. This spammer's AdSense id is pub-8886102306252551. Here are first ten of his target domains:


pub-8886102306252551_domain.txt - 5240 splog target domain list

He tries to fool people into thinking that his target websites are blogs but that's only in appearence. On bottom every splog target website "blog" is a just a pile of words and links pointing AdSense target pages.

pub-8886102306252551_1000.txt - First 1000 splogs out of 54051 splogs he created. I'll post the full 54051 splog list when Google does something about this spammer.

Monday, March 06, 2006

AdSense Spammer #9

This is a new prolific AdSense spammer that made it's debut only few days ago. In a very short time he managed to create 1382 splogs each with AdSense ad on them. This is yet another bulk spammer meaning he created whole batches of the same splogs in a fairly predictable manner. I'll post the first one hundred as a sample and that should be enough for Google to do something about this spammer. I'll post the rest when Google does it's thing.

pub-6378932591978839_100.txt - first 100 splogs out of 1382

Thursday, March 02, 2006

AdSense Spammer #8 (Another Big Fish)

This spammer has to be the most blatent AdSense spammer I've came across to date. I've seen alot of AdSense supported spammers but this one takes the cake and then some. He created at least 7897 spam blogs in Blogger that automatically redirect to a page like this. There is absolutely no content whatsoever on thousands of pages. He is essentially force feeding AdSense ads with thousands of splogs on Blogger. If this guy doesn't deserve a swift kick from AdSense policy enforcement, I don't know who does. Here are the first twenty splogs as a sample:


pub-5377259689954952_1000.txt - first 1000 splogs out of 7897. I'll post the full list when Google does something about this spammer's AdSense account.

UPDATED (3/4/2006 7:31am) - This AdSense spammer is no more. Oddly other spammer's AdSense account remain intact. I do wonder about what criteria Google uses to determine which AdSense abuse is tolerable while others are not. Anyway here is the list of 7897 splogs this spammer created.

pub-5377259689954952.txt - 7897 splogs (306,413 bytes)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

AdSense Spammer #7 (Big Fish)

This is a spammer I've been keeping my eye on for a while. This is one of the big fish I've been analyzing and collecting data. Actually he is a smaller spammer of the two but nevertheless a major spammer. He created at least 21742 spam blogs during the last weeks or so. Most definitely he created lot more but I think 21 thousand splogs are enough for me to qualify this spammer as a big fish. He also fits in the category of AdSense spammer even though splogs he creates doesn't have AdSense ads on them but because he has links pointing websites and relies on AdSense as the only source of revenue. Another words, if the answer to the question, "Would he stop creating splogs if his AdSense account was taken away?" is yes then he is an AdSense spammer. He has at least 121 .com domain websites which has his AdSense ads on them with an id pub-6982863234175175. Here are the first ten target domains as a sample:


pub-6982863234175175_domain.txt - 121 splog target domain list

There is a interesting twist in his spam target websites. When you take a look at the source of faronutritional.com website, you don't see the usual AdSense code in the html. Instead AdSense code is in a separate JavaScript file http://www.faronutritional.com/source.js.

inc_top_js =
'<script type="text/javascript"><!--\ngoogle_ad_client = '
+ '"pub-6982863234175175";\ngoogle_alter'
+ 'nate_ad_url = "";\ngoogl'
+ 'e_ad_width = 336;\ngoogle_'
+ 'ad_height = 280;\ngoogle_ad_format = "336x280_as";\ngoog'
+ 'le_ad_type = "text";\ngoogle_ad_channel ="0232739613";\ngoogle_col'
+ 'or_border = "FFFFFF";\ngoogle_color_bg = "FFFFFF";\ngoog'
+ 'le_color_link = "0000ff";\ngoogle_color_url = "000000";\n'
+ '\ngoogle_color_text = "000000";\n//--></script>\n<script '
+ 'type="text/javascript"\n src="http://pagead2.googlesynd'
+ 'ication.com/pagead/show_ads.js">\n</script>';

// end_var_declaration

I noticed that this spammers used a common tactics to mask the AdSense JavaScript code by chopping it up into pieces. The obvious reason for this is to prevent from being parsed easily and to hide detection. This in itself is a violation of AdSense policy and to me it's an admission of guilt by this spammer.

pub-6982863234175175_1000.txt - First 1000 splogs out of 21742 splogs he created. I will be posting the full list once his AdSense account goes poof.