Thursday, October 13, 2005

2529 Splogs Deleted

Today's effort in fighting splog resulted in deletion of 2529 splogs. I believe I can sustain a rate of 2000 or more splogs being deleted daily for the next two weeks. Afterwards I will be making some adjustments to how I target splogs and spammers who create them.


JoeC said...

Great job!

Is Blogger removing any of the splogs you find before you report them?

Collector said...

Blogger hasn't been removing that many splogs as of late. It appears they are still relying on flagging button to let them know about splogs. They are still sending me a reply email to my splog report with the following paragraph:

Please note that if you encounter other such content in the future, you can use our automated flagging mechanism to bring this to our attention. For further information on the "Flag As Objectionable" feature, please see Blogger Help:

mr. nothing said...

hi splogfighter,
i see ur nice effort,
i was directed to ur blog after i post a thread in google public newsgroup.


well, now i think, instead of submitted the foul blogger to Google, why don't we just build a new blogger search index, so we could create a more nice set of link on people who really wanna blog.

coz for long run, i don't think Google really care bout Blogger. unless they get strict with their signing up rules, otherwise,... i don't see how they could well... let c.


mr. nothing said...

one of the thing i really hate is, the [Next Blog] button would direct me to those keyword targetted blog.

try visit 10 blogs, u would get 5 of those adsense targgetted blog.

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