Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Google's New Captcha Barrier

To my surprise Google has actually done something about the current splog issue. They've implemented a new captcha barrier to suspecting splogs during a blog post. Although this is a step in the right direction, it may be too little too late. If they are determining which blog is a splog by the same algorithm to weed out splogs from Next Blog button ring, then this new captcha barrier does nothing for splogs that have already beaten the initial barrier. There are still quite a number of splogs including rather obscene porn splogs still showing up on Next Blog ring as I'm writing this. Having said all this I'm going to reserve my judgement and see how much impact this will have on growth of splogs. It's only been hours since this new barrier was instituted so once again I'll give Google the benefit of the doubt.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

perhaps this is why I can't post anything today... does it think my blog is spam? ("Serenade in Green")

I get the word verification when trying to add new post, enter in the letters correctly, and get error message " unable to complete your request at this time" with no other info... send them a message in hopes of resolving (not addressed in online "Help").

Anyone else having this problem today?

"I am not an amimal! I am a human being!"

piva said...

The idea is good but in the list of my blogs I've 3 that Google identifies like spammy!
Comunicati-Stampa.com is the most important Italian blog (and one of the most important Italian site) for Italian press releases. It has 200 users that everyday publish their and their customers PR. It's indicized by Google Italian News.
Is it a spammy blog?
More important: I don't know the reason but also entering the correct word I'm not able to publish on it!!!!!

Dae Butler said...

So what actually constitutes as a spammy blog? I have two that are being flagged and they are little more than a blog used in conjunction with my web site and a space where I host my icons.

Michael said...

Clearly this problem is affecting people on a fairly wide scale. At first I thought it was just my blog but that clearly isn't the case. I've sent off a note to Blogger Support but so far haven't heard anything back from them.

JoeC said...

Hopefully Blogger will get this all worked out really quick. I am sure the word verification not working is just a bug.

Katsuko, did they actually delete one of your blogs? Of the blogs listed in these comments, yours (at least what is left of them) seemed some of the least spammy to me.

My post on the problem.

JoeC said...

Blogger says they will have a fix shortly.

JoeC said...

Well, Katsuko says he deleted his blog himself to change the name. I am sure a spammer will be picking up the old name soon.

In reading some other posts about the new CAPTCHA I noticed the same group of posters complaining including one with identical text.

I know you guys have problems, but that seems spammy to me.

Fawn Jotters said...

Please feel free to visit my blog. If you think it's spam, I'll delete it. The fact is that this has been dreadfully implemented and many, many blogs have been affected.
I would love all spam comments and blogs to be deleted but this was heavy handed and irresponsible.
The first two comments here are obviously spam but I take offence when you feel that all comments here are "spammy."

JoeC said...

Other than the first two I am not saying they are spam. It just seems unnecessary to go out and post the same comments on bunch of blogs. Other than the purpose behind it, isn't that by definition spam. That is what I mean by spammy.

Your blog certainly isn't spam. There is no way a human would think your blog is a splog. It doesn't matter how odd the site looks or how little the contents.

There are clear indicators of splogs and I didn't see any on your blog. Lots of links and little text content doesn't automatically mean splog, but could easily be flagged as one by automated tools. That is probably why you got the CAPTCHA.

Many of the sites I have seen that complained about the CAPTCHA problem today were ones that had little contents and a bunch of links. That is common with some splogs so it makes perfect sense for automated detection to think it might be a splog. That is why they introduced a CAPTCHA rather than delete them. It is going to be annoying for some users, but so are the insane number of splogs.

I am sure they will be adjusting things to prevent it affecting so many innocent people, but your blogging style may always cause you trouble. If it does continue making you use the Word Verification I would try adding a few more comments about link you post. That is the reason I would guess your blog got tagged.

Brady Westwater said...

I have over 300 posts - and zero links, other than links in my posts since I primarily comment on the news media and link to stories wihtin my posts. And for two days all I get is:

006 Please contact Blogger Support.blog/46/41/4/lacowboy/index.html

Does anyone have a clue as to what this means? GOOGLE has become a far worse nightmare than Microsoft has ever been.