Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Fighting Splog!

I got so fed up with spamming in blogs that I've decided to do something about it. By the way, splog is short for spam blog in case you didn't know. I've began collecting information about this new type of spamming and I've already identified over 1000 blogs which are nothing more than a spammed links to a spammer's website. I was bit surprised at what I found so far. It seems that majority of splogs are created to draw traffic to a website for the purpose of generating ad revenue. Obviously this is an archiles heel of their plan and I will be exploiting this weakness.

I don't believe that blogger's "Flag" feature and keyword commenting will be enough to curb the growth splog. If a splog has been flagged and no longer shows up in searches and indexed, they will simply create more splogs in it's place. Also keyword commenting is turned off by default. Many blog writers are not even aware of this new feature. I believe fighting splog has to be much more proactive effort to be effective.

It appears vast majority of splogs are created in violation of Google's AdSense terms of service. I will be submitting multiple TOS violation findings to AdSense support starting with the most egregious violators. This is just a first step in many fights to come.

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