Monday, August 29, 2005

New Procedure

I've decided to change my splog reporting procedures slightly. It appears splogs are getting shut down before Google gets to see them and evaluate AdSense policy violations. Ideally it would work like what happened on Case #3. Spammers should get their AdSense account suspended and then Blogger will clean up the remaining mess. The reason why I'm aiming for AdSense account suspension is to really pull out the weed from the roots sorta speak. Just removing the splogs is not a deterrent since they will just create more splogs to replace the ones that were shut down. The new procedure is to report the splogs to AdSense and give them time to take appropriate action first then I'll report the case to the public after few days. I believe this as a more effective means to deter sploggers.

If you are wondering how you can help fighting splog, there is plenty you can do. Probably the most time consuming process of fighting splog is collecting and identifying splogs. You can help me by submitting your splog lists to my email address fightsplog@gmail.com. If you are a spammer and reading this, I suggest you delete your spam blogs immediately and stop any further spamming or else you risk getting banned by AdSense.


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