Friday, September 02, 2005

Current Status

I admit I haven't posted much in here in last couple days. Just so you know I haven't given up. I have four cases that I've worked on but not posted anything about. Having said that, four cases for four days isn't much. I've been busy working on a set of perl and shell scripts to automate many analysis tasks. With this new tool I've found a set of splogs that has over 60000 links pointing to spammer's website. I believe it will accelerate many other tasks greatly. Current number of splogs in my database is 1292. The number tends to fluctuate between 1200 and 1500 depending on how many new splogs are being created each day and how many are being shut down. I've noticed that on average Blogger deletes 75 to 150 splogs on my list. If anyone wants to report splogs you've found, please send it to fightsplog@gmail.com.

I've noticed sudden surge of pornography splogs yesterday. At the same time I think Blogger is starting to step up their efforts to curb the growth of splogs. So far we are winning the battle. I was able to click through about twenty consecutive legitimate blogs via Next Blog button and that's pretty remarkable.


JoeChongq said...

I am glad you are keeping track of results. From what I was seeing it appeared only a very small portion of the splogs I flagged were getting removed.

Are you getting the splogs I list on my blog or should I mail them to you to add to your database?

splogfighter said...

Hi joe. It's good to hear from you. I think it's best if we discuss things you mentioned in private. Please email me at fightsplog@gmail.com.