Friday, September 16, 2005

Lost and Found

Recently I've seen the number of visible splogs recede like a tide. Even though they are trying to make a comeback to next blog ring it is no where visible like it once was. I began wondering where they were. Did spammers just give up? I didn't think so. After poking around I found a way to efficiently retrieve a list of potential splogs and it's huge. It's much larger than I ever expected. Currently I have a list of 22000 blogs and from my rough estimate about 15000 of them are splogs. I've been able to definitively confirm only about thousand of them today. Obviously I will be exploring various ways to identify splogs. The growth rate of splog count is not yet known since today was the first day I've taken advantage of this new information source. As a result of this my list has suddenly jumped to 3021 splogs.


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Island Dave said...

Even though they are disappearing from the Next Blog ring, I know for a fact they are still coming by the thousands from blogspot. We get new listings for splogs by the truckload at BlogShares, and at most any given time, I could fairly easily find several thousand new ones every couple of days. And that's not even counting the .info splogs, which are just as numerous.

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