Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Scope of the Splog Problem

I've been monitoring and processing about 27000 blogs daily looking for splogs and it appears at least 15000 new splogs are being created daily give or take a thousand. Of course this is only from blogspot and I haven't even begun to identify splogs in other free blog services. The problem of splog is bigger than I imagined and it's growing at a rapid pace. The problem does need immediate attention from various industry leaders like Google and Yahoo to address this problem head on. Hopefully something will come out of the second web spam summit hosted by Technorati.


Island Dave said...

There is significant activity coming out of the summit. I'm not yet at liberty to go into any details, but I'll certainly do so when cleared to speak of it.

Craig said...

Glad to hear that things are happening. What I'd love to see is a practical ToDo list for all bloggers and advertisers to help alleviate the problem. As a blogger, I don't want to be targeted with bogus comments. As a media buyer, my clients are better served by having their ads appear with relevant content, not random content. As a web user, I don't want my search results clogged with crap.