Friday, September 09, 2005

Flag Day Tommorow

I've just posted a list of 350 splogs on flag day wiki for all to see and flag if they wish. Having done that I have some doubt as to whether flagging actually works. Somthing I've observed lately is that Google doesn't seem to be deleting splogs based on high flagging. I think others have noticed as well. I think Blogger is using flag information to fine tune their splog identification heuristics to filter out splogs from their next blog button ring but that's about it. They are not deleting the blogs that they've identified as splogs for some unknown reason. At the same time I've noticed that splogs I've listed on this blog are all gone. I don't know if Google is looking at this blog or if others have taken the list and submitted them to Google for removal. I guess I'll wait and see what Google will do with all the new flags tommorow. Will they remove all the splogs as they should?

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