Sunday, February 26, 2006

AdSense Spammer #5

Here is yet another AdSense spammer that create 791 splogs. This one is bit different in that most of the splogs he created has Google search box in them. Some of them do have your average AdSense ads as well as links pointing to his made for AdSense script generated web site. I'm going to begin posting the complete list of splogs via Google Pages. They allow 100MB space which is adequate for this purpose. I'll be doing the same for past AdSense spammers I've posted here.

pub-1419806640171564.txt - 791 splogs (23,001 bytes)

UPDATE (4/4/2006 7:30am) - This AdSense spammer's account is still active. Here is his made for AdSense site. It looks like Google deleted the splogs but left his AdSense account intact.

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