Tuesday, May 09, 2006

AdSense Spammer #7 and #10 Revisited

It turns out tactics and methods used by both of these two past AdSense spammers are so similar, they are indistinguishable and therefore my only conclusion is that they have to be the same person or at least working together on their spamming efforts. I've also noticed that there are some crossovers in the target website and AdSense ids from the two groups. I will merge the two list into one as result. Although he mainly uses one AdSense id pub-8886102306252551, he also uses pub-9284117370015193 as well as pub-5377259689954952 in his 9976 domains. This spammer created nearly 10,000 made for AdSense websites each with thousands of pages and also created over 130,000 splogs on blogspot.com. There are currently 134,898 splogs in my database with his unique fingerprint on them but I know I didn't catch all of his splogs. My script will needs more tweaking to extract rest of his splogs from my database and that will take some time.

20060509_pub-8886102306252551.txt (2822049 bytes) - 134898 splogs
20060509_pub-8886102306252551_domain.txt (155685 bytes) - 9976 target domains

UPDATE (5/10/2006 5:25am) - To Google's credit, they deleted quite a number of splogs since I started accumulating this spammer's splogs. I've removed most of deleted splogs from the above list and the new filtered list is posted below.

20060510_pub-8886102306252551.txt - (1624955 bytes) - 77688 splogs

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