Thursday, February 08, 2007

216,995 Splogs

After almost a two month hiatus, I'm back. Actually I haven't gone anywhere. I've been busy collecting and monitoring the progress Blogger folks were making on deleting splogs. I've decided to update my splog list and add couple more entries. Instead of dumping the list directly on this blog I've made a page for my list to reduce clutter. Here is the link for the list of 216,995 splogs.

Splog List - 2007 / 02 / 08

Here is the tarball of the list for those that want to download the whole list.


Splog group #158 through #189 have been identified as splogs using a different methods than all the previous splogs on the list. I won't go into details of what that method is specifically but it's turning out to be quite an effective method so I will be using it in conjunction with previous methods. Since those groups were detected using a new method, there are duplicated splogs across the group.

There is this one spammer I've been keeping track of. It's the #182 on my list. At one time this spammer managed to create over 151,000 splogs but it looks like Blogger deleted almost 130 thousand of his splogs just recently. I'll be watching his bahaviors closely and report what I can.

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