Tuesday, March 06, 2007

411,657 Splogs

It's been a month since my last update and it appears the splog numbers have skyrocketed since then. The list currently stands at 411,657 unique splogs. I see that Google does delete splogs but no where near the rate at which they are being created.

Splog List - 2007 / 03 / 06

Here is the tarball of the list for those that want to download the whole list.


Spammer #243 is the new reigning king of splogs this time around with 96,129 splogs to his name. This spammer is especially a bad since all of his splogs redirect to one splog get-firefox2.blogspot.com. This spammer is actually an AdSense (pub-3337253475650548) spammer since he wants people to download Firefox browser and get a commission. Even though I'm a big fan of Firefox browser I'm most definitely not a fan of what this spammer is doing. Hopefully Google can put a stop to this guy soon.

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Randy Charles Morin said...

Honestly, the people at Google should be embarassed that you have to do this research on their behalf.