Monday, March 26, 2007

455,660 Splogs

It's been few weeks so it's time to update the list again. The list now stands at 455,660 splogs which is a modest gain from the last update earlier this month.

There is a good and bad points about this update. Even though I did not mention #193 specifically Google has deleted almost all of 72,918 splogs however sadly this spammer managed to create over 100,000 splogs during that time.

Google has deleted good bulk of AdSense spammer (pub-3337253475650548) #243's 96,129 splogs which I've highlighted earlier this month. That sounded like a good thing until I dug in little deeper. It appears this spammer got himself two more Adsense accounts pub-9261293433228058 and pub-6042971451021774. This spammer uses a site l-2-l.com to host FireFox image files for his splogs and created this pathetic splog as well as others splogs shown on his profile as a target for his redirect splogs. I see that he has resumed creating splogs by the thousands once again all pointing his splogs in effort to earn commission via AdSense. He is back up to above 17,000 already.

Splog List - 2007 / 03 / 26 - 20070326.tar.gz

It's clear I'll have to focus my attention back onto AdSense splogs. I will be reviewing all AdSense splogs I've published on this blog in the past and merging them into this list. I've already seen some new AdSense spammers creating anywhere from 20,000 to 250,000 per one AdSense account. I expect this list to get very big quickly.

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