Thursday, October 20, 2005

3293 Splogs Deleted

I would say that today was a good day. There are 3293 less splogs in the world. Google actually deleted 100% of the splogs I've reported. Although I can't go into specifics of what I'm doing exactly but what I can say is that I'm targeting specific kind of spammers in effort to change their routine and thus making it harder for them to be prolific. It will take some time but eventually I think they will be quite frustrated with how they have to go about generating splogs.


JoeChongq said...

Great job.

Island Dave said...

Awesome work! It seems like you may be one of the few to actually get their attention on this. Shame that they aren't willing to do the legwork themselves.

Badger said...

Keep going - your doing a great job!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, you are wasting your time.

Setting up 2k-3k blogs takes around 10-20 minutes if someone has the right tools. You will always be behind. And say blogspot is eventually cleaned. Wordpress blogs are just as good and can be created even easier.

JoeChongq said...

If WordPress blogs were just as good and easier to create why are spammers so insistant on using Blogspot?

Go spam with WordPress or create normal spam webpages all you want. We will still be hunting the spam down and getting it removed from Google and other search engines or wherever it is hosted.

It would be much smarter for spammers to do that. But knowing they are stupid explains why they are sticking with Blogger.

Spammers are destroying the internet and we are not going to stop fighting back.

splogfighter said...

It sounds like spammers are feeling the squeeze. I'm still developing tools to increase the accuracy and efficiency of splog detection and reporting. By the way the numbers given by the anonymous is very much impossible. 2000 to 3000 splog creations for 10-20 minutes (600-1200 seconds) is very unrealistic. That's like setting up three splogs per second. I don't know about you but I know I can't solve three captchas per second. Also that doesn't account for network latency to upload splog content. Those numbers are far removed from reality.

As for WordPress, I really don't know much about it. From what I hear blogspot is still more spammy than any other blog platform so I'm going to focus my efforts here. If spammers do make a shift to WordPress, I'll still fight them there. Either way, spammers can run but they can't hide.