Wednesday, October 12, 2005

697 Splogs Deleted

Today I've been able to shut down 697 splogs by reporting them to Google. I've quadrupled my efforts tonight and if Google removes every one of the reported splogs there should be several thousand less splogs in the world tommorow.

I've been tweaking my set of splog processing scripts and it's finding massive number of splogs with much greater efficiency. Perhaps it's working little too well because it found more than 18000 gambling related splogs. About three weeks ago I've reported a mixed batch of about 2000 splogs but most of them weren't deleted. I think Google support staff freaked over the size of the list and decided to simply ignore it. I found out today the trick to get Google to delete these splogs is to report them in a small convenient chunks. Trying to figure out how I can separate out 18000 splogs into some logical chunks is actually harder than finding the splogs in the first place.


lucysmith7449 said...

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Anonymous said...

Excellent job! We are all greatful for what you do.

I use pubsub to find blog postings about my home town (Virginia Beach, VA). The results are littered with splogs. I'm sure you could use a feed from any resort town to find many, many travel related splogs.

JoeChongq said...

Depending on how your program works you could just group them game within the larger group of gambling.

If you can show Google that the whole group seems to be by the same spammer they might deal with a bit larger set of URLs.

Another easy way would be to group report based on Blogger ID if you can figure it out. If they see a single Blogger with hundereds of splogs they might do something about it.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that a blog ABOUT BLOG SPAM gets frikkin' blog spammed. This only underscores the obvious: SPAMMERS ARE F***ING IDIOTS!

If they're this desperate it really must mean their pathetic days are numbered. They've ruined email. They are ruining instant messaging. Once they ruing everything else: what next? Ruin billboards? Will they just climb up on goddamn billboards and cover them with ads for goddamn viagra? What else? Maybe they'll start inserting porn spam images in grocery fliers. That makes about as much sense as what I'm seeing here. So to all you idiot blog spammers out there I say this: either go kill yourselves now, or get the hint that you are losing touch with anything resembling a viable market.

And don't give me this crap about it being free speech. This is commercial speech, which is (I repeat) NOT COVERED UNDER THE US CONSTITUTION!

Go away you stupid idiots.

One Who Is Completely Fed Up With Spam

Anonymous said...

oh c'mon .. you gotta laugh at that... what irony. Is there any way to delete lucysmith7449 ??