Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Two Wrongs Don't Make Right

Today I've heard an idea by Mitch Ratcliffe to combat the splog issue. This is by far the most idiotic idea I've heard to date. He proposes a massive AdSense click fraud in effort to punish Google and AdWords advertisers. He thinks it's good idea to essentially punish advertisers financially so that Google is forced to fix blogspot. Of course he doesn't metion how exactly Google would fix the splog problem. Also he even admits that this will put money into spammer's pockets. I just don't understand how rewarding spammers thus encouraging them to create even more splogs will actually help the situation. This kind of rally for vigilante action is really unhelpful and extremely counterproductive. In general I believe this sort of end justifies the means way of thinking is quite flawed in more ways than one. I can only hope that people don't stoop to the level of spammers in effort to beat them.

Update: As usual Joe has written a very well written blog post regarding Mitch's idea. There is also some discussion brewing at FightSplog.com.

More Update: Mitch replies to many criticisms he drew over his idea. He continues to assert that what he is proposing isn't a click fraud just because his motives are to make a "political action". I suppose with his same line of reasoning, it's perfectly ethical to launch a denial of service attack on a spammer or in this case advertisers and Google as long as the motive behind the act is to make a political statement. I just can't understand how someone can justify causing harm to innocent third party just to make a political statement based on some twisted notion of vigilante justice.


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