Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Current Status

My current list of splogs has jumped to 7520 entries. I am still accumulating blogspot blogs at a steady pace. I have more then 232,000 blogs archived which is about 28GB of raw data that will need to be parsed and analyzed. By my rough estimate between half to two thirds of those blogs are splogs. I began noticing some trends regarding the growth of splogs recently. About a month ago blog spammers were mostly small timers trying to generate traffic and make money by AdSense ad clicks. It has slowly attracted more serious professional spammers with their refined skills to thwart filters and javascript driven dynamically generated links. Now I'm seeing splogs with links to some site in Russia with unique identifier in links just like your email spam. I guess what they say is true. When you have one broken window you have to fix them as quickly as possible. If you don't you end up with whole lot of broken windows. They tend to spread like a wildfire. By tolerating the squalor, it become the norm. Right now blog space is quickly turning into a slum of the internet. Google needs to take drastic action soon and hopefully before it's too late.

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